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The first Arroyo release represents an introduction to the sounds and the artists that will characterize our sonic landscape in the following months.

We came together in Arroyo after having each pursued our professional and artistic growth in different fields, to create a new space that could welcome and stimulate our individual creative tensions. Arroyo intends to offer a creative hub for resonating ideas, a structure in which our diverse voices may converge and thrive as a whole.

"My Own" is a track about reclaiming one’s own conscience. In it, the dissonant chord acts as a sound vessel for the conflict of the individual, fighting off the attempts of the external world to constrain and compromise their creative autonomy. There is groove, too – and it is heavy – to highlight the central role of this struggle, while the repetitiveness of the underlying theme represents perseverance as a value.

Comb is the project born from Kumo and HEDRA’s combined visions. In "Aerial" the two producers outline a sonic landscape based on a dialogue between their distinct aesthetic frameworks. As sound echoes are chased by the haunting whispers of the vocal samples, we feel like we’ve embarked on journey right to the heart of the deepest night.

Kumo composed "Who Cares" combining granular synthesis techniques with the generative music theories developed by Brian Eno, producing a coherent and evocative progression, an unstoppable ascending dynamic flux.


Studio Proclama – in charge of all visuals for our label – chose to reimagine the iconic Arroyo ‘tent’ in different scenarios; traveling across space like a NASA Excursion Module, to discover new planets and explore alien landscapes. At the heart of our ethos is the exploration of different worlds and unknown universes, in the hope that these new findings may help us rediscover a fresh perspective on our own environment. The many incarnations of the Arroyo brand wish to represent the imaginative horizons of a possible future, and a starting point in the excavation of the possible sounds of tomorrow.

The first in these series of artworks for Arroyo is centred on a triangular shape, which sums up the idea of the ‘travelling-home’, combining the safety of one’s own roots with the dynamism of travel – which to us, it goes without saying, means both a physical journeying in the physical world, and the unpredictable, surreal leaping of our own imagination.


released February 17, 2016

Artwork by Studio Proclama



all rights reserved


Arroyo Italy

We like to think of Arroyo as a boundless, ever-changing space, in which ideas can travel and unfold uninhibitedly. Our only constant is the will to transcend stylistic boundaries and music genres, to explode the conventional categories in order to foster experimentation and innovation. ... more

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